Micah and Carolyn Brosnan

Auburn Fit1 – Building Health & Fitness

Micah and Carolyn Brosnan have been local to the Auburn area the majority of their lives. A move to Newcastle in early 2014 took them on a search for a convenient, neighborhood-style gym, which led them to Auburn Fit1. Micah and Carolyn, along with their two sons, Evan and Kyle, quickly became Auburn Fit1 regulars.


assistant manager

Robin has been involved in the medical, fitness, and nutrition business most of her life. Robin’s mission is to inspire, support, and encourage our Fit1 members to achieve their ultimate goals with their health, fitness, and nutrition. Being a nurse and an operating room technician, Robin has a very clear understanding of the importance of healthy lifestyle choices. She is always available to help our existing and prospective members with any questions. Robin, with her kindness and understanding, is a perfect representation of our Fit1 community.


front desk

Joanie has been a Fit1 member for over 4 years. She joined the Fit1 Team in August of 2020, taking care of the front desk and the gym. She prefers to work out with others, so she loves to join in on the group exercise classes, especially Dynamic Duo, and, more recently, the Saturday morning Cardio Craze class. She is also an avid Cycling Class attendee and enjoys Zumba, too! She is willing to do almost anything for a good workout. She especially enjoys the company of her fellow class members at Fit1.

Penny Faudree

front desk

Penny loves sports and fitness. She has played volleyball throughout most of her life. Penny loves going to zumba with her family, or lifting weights with her brother. If it’s not too hot out she loves to go for a nice bike ride. If she isn’t being active, she is either reading or discovering new vegetarian recipes.

Committed to every member

As members for over four years, what we value most in Auburn Fit1 is what tends to be missing from many gyms these days…a sense of community. There are plenty of options for those seeking a new gym membership. Most offer convenience, equipment, and cleanliness. What makes Auburn Fit1 unique is our ability to offer all of those things and most importantly, a sense of belonging. Our Manager, Emily, is customer-focused and an expert in the field. The Auburn Fit1 instructors are highly trained and offer an array of fun, supportive and challenging programs for all levels. The clientele is our friends and neighbors.

Carolyn and I are 100% committed to ensuring Auburn Fit1 continues to offer everything necessary to help members reach their fitness goals in a safe and enjoyable setting. We will always be open to feedback.

See you at the gym!
Micah and Carolyn Brosnan