Micah and Carolyn Brosnan

Auburn Fit1 – Building Health & Fitness

Micah and Carolyn Brosnan have been local to the Auburn area the majority of their lives. A move to Newcastle in early 2014 took them on a search for a convenient, neighborhood-style gym, which led them to Auburn Fit1. Micah and Carolyn, along with their two sons, Evan and Kyle, quickly became Auburn Fit1 regulars.

Committed to every member

As members for over four years, what we value most in Auburn Fit1 is what tends to be missing from many gyms these days…a sense of community. There are plenty of options for those seeking a new gym membership. Most offer convenience, equipment, and cleanliness. What makes Auburn Fit1 unique is our ability to offer all of those things and most importantly, a sense of belonging. Our Manager, Emily, is customer-focused and an expert in the field. The Auburn Fit1 instructors are highly trained and offer an array of fun, supportive and challenging programs for all levels. The clientele is our friends and neighbors.

Carolyn and I are 100% committed to ensuring Auburn Fit1 continues to offer everything necessary to help members reach their fitness goals in a safe and enjoyable setting. We will always be open to feedback.

See you at the gym!
Micah and Carolyn Brosnan