Is “I don’t have time for that” the first thought that comes to your mind when “gym” or “working out” gets brought into a conversation? Maybe you work full time, have a family to take care of, run a business, or have young needy children. Or maybe you just have a busy social life?

Well, this month’s Member on Fire, Annie Neff, does all of the above. She is an inspiration to all working mothers, and working fathers for that matter! Annie doesn’t use the excuse “I don’t have time for that.” She makes the time! During her 30-35 hour work week, she schedules in 30-45 min workouts during her lunch break. We see Annie 4-5 days a week, and clearly Annie knows how to use her time wisely. Rather than coming in and trying to figure out how to reach her goals on her own, she has hired a personal trainer for quick, powerful 30 minute sessions two days a week. On the days that she is not utilizing her time wisely with a trainer, she is taking advantage of a 45 min High Intensity Interval Training cycling class.

Annie never gets board of a tired old routine, and she is getting results. For this reason, we’d like to recognize Annie by making her this month’s Member on Fire. Annie’s time management skills, and her commitment to health are attributes that we should all aspire to have.