New to Auburn Fit1 are the WeckMethod Bosu Elite and RMT Club (Rotational Movement Training). Please review the exercise videos at or view the exercise wall chart, posted at the club. In future months, we will be reviewing exercises that can be performed using both the Bosu Elite and the RMT Club.






Fit1-EOM_BOSUELITE-kt-5_2017-finalThe BOSU Elite incorporates new dome material designed to provide resistance rather than instability for the latest innovation in performance training. Unlike the original BOSU balance trainer, the BOSU Elite creates a powerful, pressurized elastic resistance intensifying strength, core, and ballistic exercises and “primes” the body for heavier lifts and more force production on the ground. The increased stability of the BOSU® Elite also makes it ideal for beginners, the active aging population and those in rehabilitation.




Fit1-EOM_RMT-kt-5_2017-finalThe RMT® Club is a first of its kind in functional training tools and is designed to integrate and strengthen the body from head to toe. Its core application is used for improving functional strength, rotational power, mobility, coordination, core strength, conditioning and balance. It offers you a complete full body workout as well as the ability to focus on specific targeted areas.

The RMT® Club incorporates a durable, flexible club head with a strong handle, giving it the ability to withstand high-intensity exercises including ground strikes (recommended on padded surfaces) and high-intensity swings in all directions. It also incorporates an “internal shifting weight” for dynamic resistance and audible feedback that can be used to create and cue fluid movement patterns (no sound) or intense resistance when changing direction (sound).