Fit1-Apr-SM-MOF-small-Group-wb-kt_2016-finalMeet the small group members Ava Keck, Allison Keck, Personal Trainer, Jamie Vinciguerra, Cristine Daniel and Laura Brahce (not pictured is Elena Daniel).
The small group meets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6:30 a.m.

Here is what the small group participants are saying:

“I really enjoy the variety of exercises and the one-minute stations- it’s fun (not boring)! I also liked Jamie’s help with correct form in doing the exercises.”

“I love this small group and Jamie’s training. I’ve wanted to do something like this for some time. I find having Jaime’s guidance to be inspiring. I now feel like I understand what the correct motions should look like. I am also getting a more complete body workout than I would have on my own. The group setting keeps you accountable and makes it more fun. Our session always goes by very fast. I’m getting ready for my 100 mile horse ride (Tevis) in July. I already feel stronger than when I started. Thank you Jaime”

“Over winter break a few of us from Fit1 started one of Jamie’s small group workout programs. We worked out twice a week at a time that was convenient for all of us. These hour-long workouts taught me how to properly activate all of my muscles. Each week we worked on something new, focusing on different muscle groups. By the end of the program I felt like I could come back to school with plenty of workouts that would maximize my results. Having a small group of people to work out with made for a fun and comfortable environment. “

“Love the focused, efficient and variety of workouts! There’s no doubt Jamie is giving us a full-body workout (I feel it!). She inspires. I’m doing it because I want my next fifty years to be healthy and happy for my future grandkids. It just makes you feel so darn good! “