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Tiffany Cocking, member since June 2013

Why she loves Fit1: I love the 5:30 am classes with Mary and Kristin.  I love that I get to train with two different personal trainers. Nate is heavy weights, rest, repeat. Jamie is more weights, stretch, repeat. I have learned so much from them both and am glad that they took the time teach me.

 Fitness goals and methods: I started this journey at 200 pounds. I have lost 50 pounds and am about 15-20 pounds from my goal weight. I’m not a morning person, but with 4 kids and a busy life, 5am is the only time I can find that doesn’t mess with everyone else.  I don’t always do well getting here and not letting life take a hold of me, but that’s what I love about this place. The minute that I walk in the door people are saying “Good to see you. I hope everything is ok.” That’s what I need; I need that accountability.

 I have looked at many gyms in Auburn, and I did not feel that I was needed or wanted. The first time I took Mary’s spin and Kristen’s boot camp class, I had that feeling. Thank you both. Fit1 has become my second family, and if you want to keep doing well on a new healthy and happy journey, that’s what you need. Thank you ALL. I could have not done this without you.