The team here at Auburn Fit1

has been honored with the

2018 MINDBODY Visionary Award!





So, what’s this all about?

The MINDBODY Visionary Award is given to companies who demonstrate excellence in the fitness, beauty, and wellness industries. According to Rick Stollmeyer, MINDBODY CEO and co-founder:

“The MINDBODY Visionary Awards are our way of celebrating the business owners we serve, for both their success and for how they translate that into helping their communities live healthier, happier lives. Connecting the world to wellness starts in our own backyards, and our honorees deserve to be recognized for their commitment and achievements.”

Auburn Fit One | Auburn Fit1 Wins the MindBody Visionary Award

If you’re familiar with us here at Auburn Fit1, then you already know we are dedicated to knocking down the barriers that keep our community from feeling their absolute best.  We strive to help others get – and stay – healthy by providing convenient and fun access to fitness with personalized programs, clean spaces, and personal trainers who are not only committed to your well-being, but who genuinely care about you succeeding in reaching your fitness goals.   

We are inspired by helping others reach results they didn’t even believe were possible.

This award is so encouraging for us and for our members – we’ve worked hard to create a business that supports our community and makes a positive impact on every person who comes through our doors, and we hope you experience this passion every time you come in.

And of course, we want to thank you, as well!

The MINDBODY Visionary Award is given to businesses who have an average monthly revenue in the top 30% of all MINDBODY customers between January and June 2018, which means this award would not have been possible without all our members’ dedication and commitment to their health and wellbeing.

So, a big thank you to all of our customers for supporting us as we grow. Everything we do comes back to the health and quality of life of our community, and it’s wonderful to know that we’re all in this together. How is that for some major motivation?

Auburn Fit One | Auburn Fit1 Wins the MindBody Visionary AwardLet’s raise our water bottles and “cheers”  to the 2018 MINDBODY Visionary Award – it belongs to all of us.