Mary Flannigan


Fit1-IOM-08-2016-blogMary has been teaching 5:30 a.m. Indoor Cycling classes at Fit1 since December 2012. Mary says not only does she get a great workout instructing this class, but she also gets to listen to all her favorite music—what better start to a day is there? Mary enjoys all fitness classes and hopes to have more time in the future to play tennis and practice yoga more often.

Living in Auburn for the past 16 years has allowed Mary to pursue a career that she truly enjoys—teaching special education—while at the same time, indulging her passion for the outdoors with her husband. Being in the river and backpacking are her favorite ways to spend time outdoors. As a teacher, Mary is able to travel frequently, and she tries to get away whenever possible. She recently took a trip to Greece and will soon be camping in Idaho with her parents. Then, she’ll be off to San Diego to celebrate the wedding of a dear friend. Mary hopes you’re enjoying your summer and looks forward to seeing you on the bike soon!

Come give Mary’s Friday morning Indoor Cycling class a try. Students spend 35 minutes on the bike, 5 minutes of stretching and another 5 minutes to work their abdominal muscles!