Fit1Logo-nocityFree Class for all Fit 1 members.
Thursday October 15, 2015
Time: 11:00a.m.
Class length: 1 hour
Presented by Ben Slade CPT

With a wealth of new technology and lifestyles, since the mid-90s people have begun to live less active lives. From video games to automation, school’s physical education programs being cut, and jobs with repetitive movement, people are moving less. Because of this, corrective exercise with the right form has become more important than ever. There are a lot of sources out there to learn proper form, so for this class we will be focusing in on squats, pushups, lunges, hip abduction, and other common exercises. Together we will break these exercises down so that we can incorporate these movements into your workout routine in a way that will help correct and undo the stress of inactive modern lifestyles.