Fit1-Mar-SM-C2N-StepandTone4-web-kt-03_2016-finalStep on up and give our Step and Tone class a try.
Taught on Tuesday and Thursday
at 8:30 a.m.
by Andie Simmons.

Our Step and Tone class will incorporate a portable platform with height adjustable risers. Our instructor will coach you through a choreographed exercise routine up, onto, down, and around the step for a great lower body workout.Weights, bands, and balls may be used during the class to challenge the upper body and core.

Step aerobics was created in 1989, by Gin Miller. Gin started rehabilitating her knee injury by stepping up and down on a milk crate and from this, she developed the step regimen; a way to get a high intensity, yet low impact workout. Modifications and progressions are provided, therefore, making this class available for all fitness levels.