One of the most popular ways to stay motivated to workout (and turn it into a habit) is to enlist a partner. Got a friend who’s expressed an interest in losing weight or getting fit and healthy? Bring them to AuburnFit1 for your next workout and discover how fun it is to workout with your friends (and their first time is free!).

We offer Joint Membership packages at a discounted rate when two people sign up together. And if you’re getting the whole family involved, we’ve got a membership package for that, too!

How working out with a partner keeps you motivated:

1. Offer each other support and encouragement. While non-workout partners can be supportive, those who workout with you are more likely to cheer you on.

2. Commitment. If you know your partner is showing up at AuburnFit1 for that 5:30am group cycling class, you’ll be less likely to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep (because not showing up would just be plain mean:).

3. You’ve got a spotter! A “spotter” is someone who supports who during weight training exercises which enables you to safely lift heavier or perform more repetitions.

4. You can try partner-based workouts for greater variety, for example:

  • Exercises with a medicine ball: ex., medicine ball V-sit with pass and rotation

  • Tubing exercises: ex., mid-row with tubing

  • Partner Yoga

  • Partner drills

  • Partner bodyweight exercises: ex., wheelbarrow push ups

5. You’ve got someone to talk to when you’re on the cardio machines.

6. A partner can challenge you to push harder. If they are giving their workout their all, you’ll be less likely to quit early or “take it easy.” You might even exercise more often!

7. Joining the gym and trying something new is less intimidating when you don’t come alone.

It’s important to find the right workout partner, as the wrong one could have a negative effect.

Look for someone who is at the same fitness level as you and has similar fitness goals. It will be easier on your both if your schedules don’t conflict too much and you enjoy some of the same activities. Someone with a positive attitude is a must!

We look forward to seeing you and your friend at the gym.