Exercise of the Month Sept. 2019


Rowing is a great dynamic exercise that works the upper and lower body. Rowing can also be a very challenging cardio workout. The primary body parts that are targeted during the row are the hamstrings and posterior chain (lower back, glutes, and hamstrings), rather than the upper body.

Curious about rowing?

Try rowing a 500-meter row and then do 15 PROPER deadlifts (next month’s exercise of the month!) You will feel it!

Points to note:

  • Move the damper on the flywheel between 6 and 7. This mimics the natural resistance of water.
  • Adjust the footpad so when the strap is pulled tight, it is across the top of the ball of the foot.
  • With back straight and knees slightly out, hands are placed towards the ends of the handle.

The sequence of the row is very important! Think → explode and straighten the legs, open the hips and lean back, pull the handle to the rib cage. On the return, think → straighten arms, close hips and lean slightly forward, then bend the legs back to the starting point.

Start sequence: Legs, Hips, Arms

Return sequence: Arms, Hips, Legs

Exhale on the starting pull and inhale on the return. Think → work on the pull part and rest on the return. Keep the back straight and shoulders down. Think → pinch a pencil between the shoulder blades on the pull. The chain on the rower should remain taut the entire time. 

Rowing can be used as a warm-up, as part of a work out, as the entire workout or as a cool down. Rowers are used as a part of conditioning for most competitive sports. In fact, CrossFitters row marathons during competitions. (Takes 3 – 3 1/2 hours!)

If you have any questions about the rowing machine, please contact Jen or Robert. We are happy to help!