Cybex Seated Row

When doing a seated row with a Cybex machine, the latissimus dorsi that lies along the backs of the ribs and the rhomboids of the upper back are the primary muscles used.

Many muscles assist during all versions of the row, including the upper back, trapezius, and the rotator cuff at the shoulder. The subscapular muscles that are below the shoulder at the upper back called the teres major and teres minor also help the back during a row. Your forearm muscles and the upper portion of the pectoralis major, the large fan-like muscle of the chest, help with the pulling action.

  • Adjust the weight stack to desired weight.
  • Adjust chest pad to allow comfortable reach of handles.
  • Grasp handles with hands in front of and level with the shoulders. Your shoulders may roll forward in order to reach the handles.
  • Pull shoulders back to their seated position, sit tall in the seat with feet resting on supports.
  • Exhale as you pull the handles towards you until your elbows are at your sides.