Most of us have an imbalance between our left and right sides, where one side is bigger or
stronger than the other. This is fairly common so doing single limb exercises, such as the single
leg press will force each side to perform with an equal workload, developing balance and
symmetry between the legs.

Muscles involved with the single leg press are the quadriceps, hamstrings, hips, glutes, and core.
Also, performing the single leg press will allow you a greater range of motion, creating a greater
muscle activation. Although the back is supported with the backrest, the abdominal and
oblique muscles will also play a key role in this movement; stabilizing the torso while performing
the leg press.

Instructions to perform the leg press

  • Adjust the backrest to the desired angle
  • Adjust the foot plate to a 90-degree angle
  • Adjust the weight stack
  • Begin with the weaker leg, placing the foot on the foot plate in alignment with the hip and knee
  • Exhale as you press through the midfoot (do not allow toe or heel to lift)
  • Inhale as you return, stopping short of allowing the weight stack to rest
  • Complete 10-15 repetitions and repeat on opposite leg

Single leg movements can also be performed on the prone leg curl, glute and when performing
a shoulder bridge. Single leg movements are not only beneficial for an athlete, but they are also