Single Leg, Single Arm KB Press

Performed by Robert Payne

This is an upper body strength exercise while challenging single leg static motor control.


Set-Up: Begin in a Single Leg supported position by placing one foot in the center on an elevated surface such as a stool. Lift your leg off the elevated surface so you are balancing on one leg.

Action: Inhale, raising the kettlebell and rotate the forearm until vertical, and the palms face the shoulder. Once at the shoulder position immediately press the kettlebell overhead with an active exhale extending the elbows until the arms are straight but not locked.

Return: Inhale again and pull down with the lat as the elbow flexes and lower the weight to the rack position. If at any time posture and quality in the movement is compromised, reset and begin the movement again. Repeat on the other side.

To modify the movement: Rather than lift the leg, place the foot on a stool