Cable Hip Abduction

What is hip abduction you may ask?  It’s the ability to move your leg away from the mid-line of your body.

Think about when you step to the side like when getting out of bed or getting out of a car.

The hip abductors are often a forgotten muscle but are extremely important because they contribute to your ability to stand, walk and rotate your leg. They are vital to the movements performed on a daily basis.


Hip abduction exercises assist in toning the backside. They also help prevent and treat pain in the hips and knees, which is why this exercise is excellent for individuals of any age.  


This month we will demonstrate the Cable Hip Abduction:



  • To begin, lower the cable to the lowest position possible
  • Set the desired weight that will allow you to perform 15-20 repetitions per side
    • Starting with a lighter weight is best
  • Secure an ankle strap to the leg furthest from the cable
  • Standing on the support leg (leg closest) to the cable with a soft knee
  • You may use your arm to hold the pole for balance and support
  • Stacking the spine, engaging the core muscles, breath out; point toe and extend the leg out
  • Do not allow the hip or momentum to perform the movement, think about the entire leg working here!
  • Repeat on the opposite side