Bosu Elite Flat Jacks

This is a great exercise for core strengthening and core stability. This exercise allows you to utilize the core without exhausting your other large muscles. 
To make this exercise more challenging, place weight on the legs or have a friend hold the feet so you can place yourself a little higher onto the bosu elite. You may also add very light weight into the palms of the hands to intensify the movement.


  • Place yourself onto the bosu elite in a supine plank with your heels on the ground
  • Make small adjustments to ensure proper and challenging form
    • Keeping heels on the ground, slide down to make the exercise easier
    • Keeping heels on the ground, slide up to make the exercise more challenging
  • Keep the heels, hips, and shoulders in a line
  • Hands are long at your side with palms up
  • Maintain breath control, keeping face relaxed and able to carry on a conversation
  • Exhale, perform a jumping jack motion, taking the arms overhead (this increases the lever length)
  • Inhale, returning arms back down to your sides
  • Perform 10-20 reps