starTina Bailey found yoga in 1993 after the birth of her first child, and it quickly became a daily part of her life.

She began teaching in 2011 and has been with Auburn Fit1 since we opened. Tina loves yoga because it works for everyone. She feels yoga is a great addition to any workout routine, because it not only encourages flexibility and strength but also calms and relaxes the mind. She finds great joy in watching people discover yoga and expanding their awareness of themselves through its gentle approach.

Tina is also a Certified Raw Food Nutrition Educator, a trained herbalist, and a personal chef specializing in whole and seasonal foods. She regularly teaches classes in preparing healthy food for busy lifestyles and more about her work can be found at

With her husband, she is also co-owner of New Stirling Arms,a company that makes wooden training weapons for western martial arts. She lives on half an acre with chickens, pheasant, doves, sheep, a dusty wood shop, a very large garden, and a hungry, teenage boy.

She and her family enjoy canoeing and hiking. Tina loves living in Auburn because of the recreation opportunities in the Sierra foothills and the people who are attracted to Auburn’s active, healthy lifestyle.