Members of the Month: Ben and Karen Troia

Ben and Karen Troia love Fit1 for convenience and simplicity. They like being members of a gym that is also part of their community. Their fitness goals are different, and this gym helps them both to achieve those goals.

Living in Auburn for 18 years, Ben works for Cisco Systems as a Supply Chain Program Manager. Karen works for Huber Property Management in finance by day and is an artist by night.

As a nationally ranked BMX racer, Ben focuses on some cardio AND mostly weight training to compete at a championship level, as well as overall strength and wellness.

Fit1 helped Ben to a fast and strong recovery from ACL surgery. The last 9 months at the gym included the arc trainer, a full weight lifting circuit, spin, and core work.  Adding lots of sprints on his bike and time at the BMX track has put him back in championship condition only a year after surgery.

Auburn Fit One | Fit1 Members of the Month October 2019

Karen is in training for her upcoming birthday, as she puts it, “I can’t drive 55”.  She has been exercising off and on most of her adult life. She has chronic back pain due to a couple of injuries and degenerative disc disease.  What starts out as physical therapy, turns into a fitness routine and a healthy addiction to the post-workout feeling and benefits. She has also taken up yoga to help with flexibility and balance.  Being fit and feeling strong, even with her physical limitations, simply feels good and adds a lot to her quality of life.

Auburn Fit One | Fit1 Members of the Month October 2019