Meet Charles (Charlie) Place , Auburn Fit1 Member on Fire!

. Charlie has been a dedicated member since Fit1 opened in June. Although Charlie is retired, he says that he spends most of his spare time working for his two home based businesses.
Charlie is a regular in the 12:00 cycling class, and you can always count on his dedication. Charlie Charlie’s goals when he started were to strengthen his heart. He wanted to increase his cardiovascular workouts. Once he established his routine, and began cycling every week (3 times a week) Charlie decided to start working with the weights. He, like most of us, has old injuries. Now, he says that he really enjoys the added weight routine, because it increases his mobility and strength. It’s important to Charlie to slow the aging process with his regular fitness routine. When I asked Charlie why Fit1 works for him? He said that unlike everyone else here, Fit1 is not close to his home. He has to travel across town to get here however, he just loves it. Charlie really enjoys the environment, not just the inside, but being able to look out all of the windows and see the surroundings. Charlie enjoys how clean the gym is kept, along with the people that work here, and the members that work-out here. Most of all Charlie say’s that it is very important for him to keep motivated with a regularly scheduled class. Attending a class that is set helps him to be dedicated to his work-outs.