Fit1 Pilates Studio

670 Auburn Folsom Rd, Suite 107

Are you ready to workout in the top Pilates Studio in the Auburn area? Well, look no further. We have a brand new studio just for you! With the help of Completely Fit 4 Life, we can offer this to you. Whether you are a beginner or an expert at Pilates, you are welcome in our studio. The Pilates Studio is the building adjacent to the gym at 670 Auburn Folsom Rd, Suite 107.

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Dual Reformer Pricing

  • Single Session for $35
  • 4 Sessions for $140
  • 8 Sessions for $224
  • 12 Sessions for $315

Private Reformer Pricing

  • Single Session for $65
  • 4 Sessions for $240
  • 8 Sessions for $460
  • 10 Sessions for $499

Group Barre Pricing

  • Single Session for $15
  • 4 Sessions for $59
  • 8 Sessions for $110

Group Reformer Pricing

Auto Pay 1 x Week$ 89.00
Auto Pay 2 x Week$179.00
Auto Pay 3 x Week$229.00
Auto Pay Unlimited$299.00
Drop In Rate$25.00
Group Reformer Pilates –
4 Sessions
(use in 8 weeks)
Senior (65+) Group Reformer
10 Sessions
(use in 12 weeks)
Group Reformer Pilates –
12 Sessions
(use in 16 weeks)
Group Reformer Pilates –
20 Sessions
(use in 24 weeks)
Group Reformer Pilates –
40 Sessions
(use in 32 weeks)

Completely Fit 4 Life, voted #1 of the top three Pilates studios in the Sacramento area, is now part of Auburn Fit1. Our new studio opened on November 20, 2017. We are open six days a week, Monday-Saturday, and by appointment. We offer morning, lunchtime and evening classes. We provide small group, dual and private Pilates Reformer classes as well as Barre classes and massage. Are you looking for a more personalized approach? We offer individual nutrition consulting and wellness workshops. We know that wellness leads to wholeness in the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life. Still on the fence about coming to our studio. Well, we also offer an infrared sauna for $25/month with unlimited use.

Each class will be taught by one of our seven Pilates instructors, who have a passion for fitness and healthy living. Our instructors are nationally certified in mat and reformer Pilates, personal training, group fitness, and children’s fitness and have over 30 years of experience in the Fitness Industry. They will help you reach your fitness goals in a natural, holistic way.

Each class will be taught by one of our Pilates instructors.

Linda Moeller-Brown

Linda has over 35 years of experience in the field of fitness and prides herself on helping others get fit for life! In addition to being a personal trainer, health coach and certified fitness and Pilates instructor, Linda is also:

  • Certified with A.C.E., the American Council on Exercise
  • The Founder of Connect 4 a Cure (Non-Profit Organization to Benefit Cancer and Childhood Disease)
  • A Motivational Speaker
  • USTA Ranked Tennis Player

Linda believes that in order to ensure great results, it is important to develop a routine that incorporates all of the components of health and fitness, which includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.

Diane Giuliani

Diane is a certified nutrition and lifestyle educator and coach who is passionate about the overall health and wellness of her clients’ minds and bodies. In addition to teaching Pilates, Diane:

  • Is Currently on Staff at Wellness Within (Non-Profit Integrative Cancer Wellness Center)  
  • Has Instructed Group Fitness & Movement Classes Independently and for DancErgetics Inc.

Diane enjoys working with her Pilates clients to improve their strength, flexibility and posture. In being an avid skier and hiker, Diane recognizes the benefits Pilates has on both of these activities and incorporates that into her Pilates training. 

 Maryellen Haddock

After discovering Pilates under the recommendation of her physical therapist, Maryellen has been practicing Pilates for over fifteen years. Over the years, Maryellen has had private Pilates training and has attended mat, reformer, cadillac and chair Pilates classes. Maryellen has taken her love for Pilates one step further by training to become an instructor. Maryellen is currently taking classes through Balanced Body and has completed the following certifications:

  • Anatomy and Physiology  
  • Mat 1 (Including Movement Principles)

Maryellen is an avid golfer and has seen how a body toned through practicing Pilates has improved her golf swing and more importantly, how Pilates has helped to prevent injuries both on and off the course, which is something she emphasizes in her Pilates training.

Shannon Bell

Shannon has two years of experience teaching group fitness classes that focus on strength, balance, flexibility and core conditioning. She also has experience teaching mat Pilates and has recently become certified in Reformer Pilates (level one). Due to Shannon’s personal experiences, she is proud to share that she donates all proceeds earned as a fitness instructor to Teen Challenge Monterey Bay, a Christian Rehabilitation Program that helps those caught in the snare of life-controlling addictions. In learning to teach Pilates, Shannon has expanded her knowledge of what our bodies are capable of in terms of strength and flexibility. Shannon loves teaching and encouraging others to increase their fitness levels in order to live their most productive lives.

Patti Iorillo

personal trainer with over 27 years of fitness experience with over 15 years in Pilates. As a former dancer, core conditioning and body control have given her a real appreciation for technique and alignment. In addition to being a fitness instructor, Patti is currently:

  • Pursuing advanced therapy work in energy medicine and vocal energy profiling  
  •  Teaching and lecturing at colleges and private venues throughout the Bay area

Patti takes a more holistic, integrated approach to fitness

After her extended work for therapists and chiropractors, which furthered her understanding of the subtleties of the spine, muscles, nervous system and energy pathways, Patti takes a more holistic, integrated approach to fitness. Patti’s motto is ‘Mind • Body • Move!’

Wendy Beress

Wendy has worked in the health and wellness industry for 37 years. In starting her career as a licensed physical therapist, she built a strong foundation for her current fitness practice. In addition to being a licensed physical therapist Wendy is also a:

  • Personal Trainer  
  •  Massage Therapist  
  • Pilates Instructor

When teaching Pilates, Wendy incorporates her extensive education in all of these fields and passion for health and well-being into creating a successful experience for each of her fitness clients.

Bonnie Jenkins-Close

Bonnie has been a practicing rehab physical therapist for over 25 years and has experience treating patients with movement and neurologic disorders. Bonnie made a natural transition to Pilates as an adjunct to her treatment interventions. Another important thing to know about Bonnie is that she is:

  • Internationally recognized for teaching other clinicians successful treatment approaches for adults with stroke.

Bonnie who enjoys cycling, playing pickleball, stand-up paddleboarding, golf, hiking and snowshoeing emphasizes that Pilates has helped her in developing the strength and flexibility to not only participate in these activities but to remain injury free.

Katie Carnahan

Katie has been personally practicing Pilates for over fourteen years. In her journey to find strength and flexibility she fell in love with Pilates and more recently barre. She completed her Mat certification in 2008, Balance Body Reformer training in 2011 and has more recently completed Balanced Body Barre training in 2015. It is also important to note that Katie has been trained on:

  • Foundations of Movement with The Pilates Coach  
  • Anatomy and Physiology with The Pilates Coach/NAFC  
  • How Does the Fascia Work (Balanced Body)

Katie loves the flexibility, strength and definition that comes from practicing both Pilates and barre.

Tina Jones

With a background in dentistry, Tina always found herself doing healing work on her fellow dental professionals. She worked as a RDA in orthodontic and oral surgery offices in the Sacramento, CA and the foothills area for over a decade. She specialized in hygiene education, and assisting small surgeries and all things back office.  While raising two boys, she enjoyed working on her licenses in healing work eventually opening two wellness centers. She has her C.M.T. and holds additional licenses in:

  • Acupressure  
  • Bowenolog  
  • Quantum Biofeedback Practitioner  
  • Face rejuvenation and non-needle acupuncture  
  • Over 100 certified hours with C.A.R.E.  
  • Certified Aroma Yoga Instructor

Her studies took her to the ultimate reward in studying under D.Gary Young, Founder of Young Living. She has studied natural medicine therapies for the last 12 years including, Raindrop Technique, Neuro-Auricular, Vita-flex therapies. She is currently ranked as a Platinum leader with Young Living. This puts her in the top one percent of leadership with the company in sharing and education, which takes her all over the globe to teach, learn, and share. Her love and studies in Pilates 2017, along with her deep appreciation for plant based supplements and healing treatments, keep her blessed to pay forward these teachings and healing blessings to communities and practitioners in the health and wellness fields.