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Regular Pilates sessions can enhance your posture, strengthen your core, and address muscle imbalance issues, establishing a strong foundation to facilitate movement. Auburn Fit1 Pilates Reformer training can help you achieve a more balanced and satisfying life!

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Ready for Pilates?

Imagine an exercise program you look forward to, engages you and leaves you with a feeling of physical and mental well being… This is Pilates.

Let’s Get Started! Fit1 offers all new Pilates students a FREE Pilates reformer introductory class. Contact the studio (530-820-3513) or get your free pass online now. Your instructor will assess your needs and help get you started on your Pilates journey.

Reformer Pilates Information:

Understanding Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates represents a more dynamic version of the conventional mat-based Pilates. The regimen involves the use of a specially designed machine originally introduced by Joseph Pilates and comprises the execution of traditional Pilates exercises on the reformer machine. This unique approach introduces resistance through springs and pulleys, intensifying your overall training experience.

By employing the springs and pulleys, you can customize the resistance levels according to your preferences, targeting specific muscle groups during movements. The adaptability of Reformer Pilates makes it one of the most efficient workout methods for strengthening, stretching, and toning the body.




Our group Pilates Reformer training is not only about fitness; it is also about fostering connections and promoting well-being. We offer a central location for all individuals seeking expert guidance and a supportive community atmosphere.

We offer a variety of group Reformer Pilates packages so that you can enjoy your perfect amount of Reformer Pilates classes. We also offer private Reformer Pilates sessions, just in case your schedule does not allow you to join our scheduled classes.

  • Reformer Package Options


  • Group Reformer Pilates – 1 Session  (use in 2 wks)
  • Group Reformer Pilates – 4 Sessions  (use in 4 wks)
  • Group Reformer Pilates – 8 Sessions  (use in 8 wks)
  • Senior (65+) Group Reformer – 10 Sessions  (use in 12 wks)
  • Group Reformer Pilates – 12 Sessions  (use in 12 wks)
  • Group Reformer Pilates – 24 Sessions  (use in 24 wks)
  • Private (55-min) Reformer Pilates – 1 Session  (use in 4 wks)
  • Private (55-min) Reformer Pilates – 4 Sessions  (use in 8 wks)

How you can benefit from Pilates Reformer Training at Auburn Fit1

 Full-body toning

Reformer Pilates tends to engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, providing a comprehensive and effective workout. The resistance provided by the Reformer facilitates effective toning of arms, legs, and core, resulting in a sculpted physique.

Improved flexibility

 The dynamic movements and stretching in Reformer Pilates help in improving flexibility. As you progress through our classes, you will notice an increased range of motion, reduced stiffness, and improved overall flexibility.

Core strength enhancement

Pilates, especially on the Reformer, is primarily centered on working on core strength. This not only results in a more toned midsection but also strengthens the deep stabilizing muscles, thereby improving your posture and reducing the risk of back pain.

Mind-body connection

Pilates is renowned for its focus on the mind-body connection. Our Reformer Pilates classes near you encourage mindfulness, concentration, and controlled breathing to foster a better connection between physical and mental well-being.

Customized workouts for all fitness levels

Whether you are a Pilates novice or an experienced practitioner, our Reformer Pilates classes are designed to accommodate individuals of all fitness levels. The adjustable resistance of the Reformer ensures that each session is designed around your specific needs and goals.


Get Started with Our Pilates Professionals

The Fit1 Pilates instructors are highly trained professionals with a deep desire to guide our community members in their health and fitness journey. Our instructors are nationally certified in mat and reformer Pilates, personal training, group fitness, and children’s fitness. Our instructors have a combined experience of approximately 150 years in the fitness industry! Fit1 Pilates is offered in private, duo and small group training sessions. You can expect to receive a high level of personalized attention in a supportive environment.
Auburn Fit One | Fit1 Reformer Pilates


Pilates and Group Exercise Instructor

Shannon has been teaching group exercise and mat pilates since 2011. In 2013, she became certified in reformer pilates and has been teaching and learning since then. Her passion is in helping people of all fitness levels to improve their strength, flexibility and endurance. More recently, Shannon’s focus is on studying “active aging”, the ability for all of us to continue in good health throughout our years.

Due to Shannon’s personal experiences, she is proud to share that she donates proceeds earned as a fitness instructor to Teen Challenge Monterey Bay, a Christian Rehabilitation Program that helps those caught in the snare of life-controlling addictions. Shannon loves teaching and encouraging others to increase their fitness levels in order to live their most productive lives through:

  • Extensive experience as a group fitness and mat pilates Instructor
  • The core focus on strength, balance, flexibility and core conditioning
  • Certification and experience in teaching Reformer Pilates (Level 1)
Auburn Fit One | Fit1 Reformer Pilates


personal trainer, Pilates instructor and former dancer

Patti takes a more holistic, integrated approach to fitness. After her extended work for therapists and chiropractors, which furthered her understanding of the subtleties of the spine, muscles, nervous system and energy pathways, she focuses on more just the body, but also the mind. Patti’s motto is ‘Mind • Body • Move!’

As a former dancer, core conditioning and body control have given her a real appreciation for technique and alignment. In addition to being a fitness instructor, Patti is currently:

  • Pursuing advanced therapy work in energy medicine and vocal energy profiling
  • Teaching and lecturing at colleges and private venues throughout the Bay area
Auburn Fit One | Fit1 Reformer Pilates


certified Pilates instructor and experienced rehab physical therapist

Bonnie has been a practicing rehab physical therapist for over 25 years and has experience treating patients with movement and neurologic disorders. Bonnie made a natural transition to Pilates as an adjunct to her treatment interventions. Another important thing to know about Bonnie is that she is:

  • Internationally recognized for teaching other clinicians successful treatment approaches for adults with stroke
  • Emphasizes that Pilates has helped her in developing the strength and flexibility, to not only participate in these activities, but also to remain injury free
  • Enjoys cycling, playing pickleball, stand-up paddleboarding, golf, hiking and snowshoeing
Auburn Fit One | Fit1 Reformer Pilates



Dee enjoys helping clients make and meet realistic health goals. Focusing on the connection of the muscles, when engagement and awareness of the muscles are present, then concentration may then be focused on building muscle and/or losing weight. Her focus is on joint injuries, hips, knees and shoulders. Dee also has the following certifications:

  • International Sports Science Association Personal Training
  • Boot Camp Training Certification
  • Yin Yoga and Yoga Alliance Certified
  • NASM Corrective Certified
Auburn Fit One | Fit1 Reformer Pilates

Sarah Nolte

Certified Personal Trainer

Sarah Nolte is a spirited force in group fitness and Pilates, now proudly offering her expertise as a ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. Known for her dedication to challenging workouts while upholding impeccable form, Sarah’s passion for Pilates, weightlifting, and running infuses her classes with energy and purpose. Her recent certification enhances her ability to guide individuals on a personalized fitness journey, emphasizing strength, discipline, and the power of community. With Sarah, you’re not just working out; you’re part of a vibrant fitness family committed to achieving collective and individual goals.

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
Nutrition Specialist
Exercise Recovery Specialist
Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Auburn Fit One | Fit1 Reformer Pilates

Sherry Murphy

Sherry Murphy found her passion in Pilates in 2016, a practice that for her transcends physical exercise to embody a deeper connection of body and mind. As a Certified Mat & Reformer Pilates Instructor and Yoga Instructor, she’s committed to introducing this holistic approach to all fitness levels in Auburn, where she has lived for 17 years. Sherry’s classes focus on stability, strength, balance, and body awareness, enriching daily life through mindful movement. Beyond the studio, she thrives in Auburn’s community, fostering connections and healthful living. Sherry embraces a life of mindful motion, whether teaching, engaging in community wellness, or enjoying the outdoors.


  • Certified Mat & Reformer Pilates Instructor
  • Certified Yoga Instructor

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We invite you to experience the unmatched benefits of Reformer Pilates. You will get guidance and support from our expert instructors, have convenient access to our facilities, and become a part of a supportive community that shares your fitness journey. Start working on your fitness today with Reformer Pilates at Auburn Fit and experience real transformation. Contact us now or avail your free Reformer Pilates class pass.


Reformer Pilates incorporates the use of a specialized apparatus, the Reformer, that aids in adding resistance and versatility to conventional Pilates exercises. It provides a dynamic and customizable workout experience.

The beauty of Reformer Pilates is that anyone can benefit from the experience. Regardless of your fitness level or your lifestyle, Reformer Pilates is designed to meet you where you are. Our classes cater to individuals of all fitness levels, including beginners. Our experienced instructors will guide you through each session and ensure you have a safe and effective workout. Please check our schedule to see class availability according to your required level.

Reformer Pilates promotes full-body engagement and muscle toning, which can be beneficial in terms of weight loss over time. When combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise, it becomes an effective factor in your overall weight loss journey.

With a consistent practice of Pilates over two months, you may start to observe improvements in your overall fitness. Engaging in Pilates can also be beneficial in terms of improved cardiovascular health, heightened muscle tone, and a decrease in stress levels.

Yes, Reformer Pilates is known for strengthening the core muscles, which can result in an improved posture and reduced back pain. However, if you have an existing condition, we recommend that you should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise regimen.

You do not need to purchase special clothing for a Reformer Pilates session. We recommend opting for something comfortable, breathable, and that allows easy movement. Your outfit does not need to be too tight or too loose that it gets caught in the equipment; all you need is something comfortable to wear. The only advice most instructors would give you is to avoid donning leggings with zippers or additional hardware, as these may potentially damage the Reformer.