Train with Nate

Nate Nelson has been in the world of fitness for over twenty years. He has six years of personal training experience and is an I.S.S.A. certified personal trainer.
Nate has successfully trained both men and women, helping some of his clients to lose as much as 180 lbs. and obtain body fat as low as 5% for men and as low as 10% for women. His strengths are body fat loss, muscle gain and educating his clients on the way to their fitness goals.
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Auburn Fit One | Fit1 Training January 2013
How long do you think they held this? How long can you?
[jcol/] When interviewing Betsy Arbogast, one of Nate’s Fit1 clients, about Nate’s training quality’s she said “ I just loved Nate. He has a great knowledge of the muscle system, and he really relay’s that. He truly cared about the outcome of my fitness goals. I liked that he was always making sure that I was not going to get hurt, yet he pushed me to my limits safely. He was extremely encouraging, and results driven. I would recommend anyone to train with him!” You can increase your fitness level, energy level or ease of movement with the program your trainer will design for YOU. Enjoy your workouts knowing that you are developing the YOU that works for you NOW.[customcontact form=2][/jcolumns]