Citrus fruits

Auburn Fit One | FoodFIT Friday: Citrus fruits
When the weather gets colder, we naturally crave heavier foods – meats, baked goods, starchy vegetables and sweet fruits. Some of these foods pack on the pounds, but many are very healthy and nourishing. Keep the “Winter Waist” at bay and build your winter immune system with these seasonal nutrient-packed whole foods.

Citrus fruits –Those bright holiday boxes of oranges, tangerines, and grapefruits are high in Vitamin C to help stave off those cold-weather colds. They also have folate, which is critical to keeping the winter blues away. Add them to salads or eat one a day.

Brussels Sprouts – Pound-for-pound Brussels Sprouts have more vitamin C than oranges, But they also have plenty of anti-inflammatories, folate and fiber. Try easy roasted Brussels Sprouts with a little nutmeg for a yummy winter veggie!

Garlic – Boost your winter immune system with garlic’s bountiful antioxidants and anti-viral nutrients. Add it liberally to soups, stews and veggies.

Sweet potatoes – High in Vitamins A and C, low in sugar, and filled with potassium (good for cramps and stress relief) and fiber, sweet potatoes help you stay healthy in winter and satisfy that sweet tooth. Indulge in healthy sweet potato pancakes for breakfast!

Bone Broth – Use the bones of roast chickens or holiday turkeys for a soul satisfying and deeply nourishing broth. Just put the bones in a crockpot with a little apple cider vinegar, veggie scraps and water, simmer for 12-24 hours and you have healthy homemade stock for all those warming winter soups and stews.

Lauryn Axelrod
HealthSPORT Nutrition Coach