For this full body workout, you can use your bodyweight as resistance or add dumbbells were applicable. Either complete 3 sets of each exercise for 8 – 15 reps, resting between sets, before moving on to the next exercise, or complete one set of each exercise in a  circuit, and repeat the circuit 3 times.

Bench Step ups:

Stand in front of a sturdy and secure bench that is approximately knee height (when your foot is on the bench your knee should be bent at a 90 degree angle), thigh parallel to the floor). Begin with both feet in the floor. Starting with your right leg step up on the bench with your whole right foot firmly planted. Shift your body weight forward and using the right leg lift yourself up bringing your left foot to the  bench.  Step off with the left leg first, then the right. That is one rep. Repeat starting with the left leg. You can hold dumbbells to make the exercise harder. You can also do a similar move called the lateral step up.

Bench Push Ups – Beginner Version:

Placing your hands on the bench a little more than shoulder-width apart, set back until your body is in push up position. Feet should be firmly planted hip-width apart. Engage your core to  keep your body in a straight line (avoid sway back).  Keeping your elbows  in, lower your chest to the bench  and then push back up into starting position.

Bench Push Ups – Advanced Version:

Reverse your position so that your feet on the bench and your hands are on the ground.

Tricep Dips:

Sit on the side of a bench or seat and grip the edge of the bench with your hands directly under your shoulders, then scoot your bum off the edge. keeping your arms straight Position your feet  out away from the bench (the further out the harder the exercises).  Bend your arms to lower your body  until upper arms are parallel to the  floor  (or less if this is too much for your shoulders). Squeeze the triceps muscles to bring you back to starting position.

Single Leg Split Lunges with a Bench:

Stand facing away from a bench. Extend left leg back and place top of foot on bench.  Lower down until knee of left leg is an inch or two from the floor. Push back up with the legs and glutes to starting position. Finish reps on one side before switching sides. You can hold dumbbells to make the exercise harder.

Hip Raises:

This move targets the lower abdominals. Lie on the bench and hold the sides of the bench behind you with your arms overhead. Keeping your legs together, raise the legs up toward the ceiling and then lift your hips and lower back off the bench, with your legs pointing toward the ceiling. Slowly lower back down to the bench, one vertebra at a time.

If you have any questions about any of these exercises, feel free to talk to one of our trainers or staff members. We are here to help you.