If you want to strengthen and define your entire body and burn fat then AuburnFit1 has the group fitness class for you. In just 45 minutes, two times a week, you can improve your cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength using the low weight and high repetition routines used in our Chiseled group fitness class every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm.

Here’s how and why it works:

Using high reps with low weight focuses on building muscular endurance and fat burning, and less on building big muscles such as when using low reps, high weight. Both methods are an important part of improving your overall physical fitness, but high reps with low weight will still help you increase strength (in both cases, the strength comes when you work yourself to the point of exercise-induced fatigue—the last 2 or 3 reps should be hard.) When you start feeling the “burn” you are experiencing lactic acid build up which stimulates muscle growth.

This 45 minute class is a fast-paced, total body, high intensity program giving you both a cardiovascular and strength building workout in a short amount of time that will thoroughly challenge you and optimally burn more calories and fat. You will burn a similar amount of calories to running on a treadmill, but unlike straight-up cardio, you’ll get your weight workout in at the same time to get you those lean, defined muscles you want. Therefore Chiseled is a great option for those who find cardio boring. Chiseled is also a great introduction to weight lifting because the low weight is less intimidating.

Lifting low weights at higher repetitions may also be safer for the elderly or those with injuries. Building muscle strength using this method can even help prevent injuries by building the muscles that support the joints and ligaments.

Chiseled is a popular class for a reason; it’s loads of fun and gets results fast. Join us and feel the burn!