Swimsuit season is just around the corner. Are you ready or are you dreading your trip to the beach? Well, we dare you to leave the cover up at home and proudly show off your Yoga body!

Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice that’s been around for over 5,000 years (according to some historians). But it’s Yoga’s physical and mental benefits that has made it such a popular practice in these modern times. A market study conducted by Yoga Journal showed that 20.4 million people regularly practice Yoga! So what makes Yoga so popular? Aside from the fact that many svelte celebrities swear by it, Yoga is a graceful form of body conditioning that will help you get swimsuit ready by building muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility in the legs, arms, hips, back, and core (many Yoga asanas emphasize the core, the center from which all other movement is executed).

But Yoga not only has many body-shaping benefits, the practice aids in developing proper alignment, posture, fluid movement, coordination and balance. As a low-impact exercise, Yoga is a great option for people with injuries and is generally considered safe with many modifications available, from absolute beginner to advanced asanas.

During a 60-minute Yoga class you will get swimsuit ready by sculpting your abdominals, legs, butt, and upper body using your own body weight as well as increasing body awareness and acceptance. The improved body image that many practitioners claim to experience may be the most important aspect of using Yoga to get swimsuit ready.

Another well-known benefit of Yoga is its relaxing mental component. During the class you will flow through a series of movement with control and concentration, focusing on proper breathing the whole time.

With your new found sense of grace and coordination, not to mention bikini-worthy abs, you’ll be ready to grace the beach or poolside in confidence—and nothing goes better with a bikini than that!