Are you searching for an exercise that has a strong mind/body connection? If you would like to physically participate in an activity that helps sculpt your body while improving brain health, Pilates is the exercise for you!

Pilates is a form of exercise that offers numerous benefits that help to improve both your physical and mental state. Pilates exercises are designed to improve flexibility, strength, posture and mental awareness.


If interested in learning more about how Pilates positively impacts brain health, read on for a list of why Pilates is great for your state of mind.


Helps Train Your Brain

Auburn Fit One | How Practicing Pilates Positively Impacts Brain HealthIn today’s fast-paced society, it is often difficult to find the time to participate in new activities that help train your brain. Considering many people already make time to exercise, the time can serve dual purposes if you engage in a new activity like Pilates. According to a study conducted at the University of Oxford, learning new things (like Pilates) is directly correlated with brain health because it helps increase the density of white matter in the brain. White matter is crucial to your brain health because it allows neurons to communicate. When neurons are well-formed, they help increase intelligence because the brain can put information together more efficiently. As a result, Pilates helps to make both your body and brain stronger!


Calms the Mind

Auburn Fit One | How Practicing Pilates Positively Impacts Brain HealthWhen participating in Pilates you may not realize this, but you are engaging in mindful meditation because you are concentrating on one thing—your body. Whether intentional or not through following the directions of your instructor, you are clearing your mind of distractions and being mindful of your body. This form of meditation is referred to as mindful movement.

Mindful movement is great—it serves dual purposes because it clears the mind while also, exercising the body. The calming effect of mindful meditation also has numerous benefits to your health. For instance, it helps to relieve anxiety and depression through helping you get a better night’s rest and relieve stress. Meditation also promotes creativity while sharpening the mind and reducing negative thoughts and emotions, which will make you happier.


Improves Posture

Auburn Fit One | How Practicing Pilates Positively Impacts Brain HealthIf you aren’t already familiar with Pilates, one of the goals is to help improve your posture through strengthening your core muscles. This is accomplished through teaching participants about body alignment as they practice Pilates moves. If you are wondering what improving your posture has to do with brain health, it is the connection to providing mental boosts. As proven by a study conducted at San Francisco State University, body posture influences energy levels that can increase or decrease symptoms of depression. Having good posture also helps to boost confidence, which helps improve your attitude.

When deciding on a workout routine, incorporating Pilates should be a no-brainer! As with any exercise, Pilates has physical benefits such as improving strength and flexibility. However, what separates Pilates from other physical activities is that it offers a tremendous amount of mental benefits that positively impact brain health.

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