Natalia Roberti

Fit 1 Welcomes Natalia Roberti

Monday and Wednesday

Qigong Class

9:30 a.m.

Natalia was born in Russia where she began her studies and practices of healing, first as a nurse (RN) and then as a doctor (MD).  After coming to the United States, she began studying and practicing more holistic healing approaches in Santa Barbara including studying Tai Chi with Chao Pang and Lymphatic Massage at the Center for Lymphatic Health.

In 2006, Natalia discovered Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) and the practice prevented her from needing surgery on her spine that was necessary after a car accident.  She dove whole-heartedly into various aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine and studied extensively with Professor Jerry Johnson at his International Institute of Medical Qigong in Monterey and Five Branches University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Santa Cruz where Natalia earned her certification as a Medical Qigong Practitioner.  Natalia has continued to study, practice and teach Qigong ever since. She has taken courses and studied with various Qigong teachers including Lee Holden, Mantak Chia and Dr. Chao.

Natalia also has an intense passion for developing and supporting well-being in herself and others that she continues to pursue and freely share with her students. For example, Natalia has been trained in a variety of other modalities including Reiki, dowsing, emotional release, Ho’oponopono healing, Tui Na massage, silver and golden needle practice, chakra opening and balancing as well as intuitive healing.  

Natalia looks forward to sharing her extensive knowledge, passion and love of Qigong, as well as her other myriad types of healing as needed with her students at Fit1.