Instructor to Notice for August 2019

Linda Brown

Pilates Teacher

Hello Auburn Fit1 Community! 

My name is Linda Brown, and I have been teaching health, nutrition, and fitness for over 38 years!  I am so excited to be a part of Auburn Fit1! 

I would like to welcome you to stop by our Reformer Pilates studio, across the parking lot from the FIT 1 Gym, and take a complimentary class!  Reformer Pilates is an incredible workout, designed to increase mobility, flexibility, and balance. This method of exercise will re-align your spine, strengthen your core and neck, and will reveal any imbalances within your body that could be causing pain and discomfort in your everyday life and a bonus….it burns BODY FAT!   

The instructors at the Fit1 Reformer studio are elite in their education and background and provide a safe and effective workout designed just for YOU!

I have a strong passion for Health and Wellness, and in all of my years of training and teaching, I believe Pilates is an incredible modality of healing and fitness for the mind and body.  My education, background, and training provide me with the ability to align the mental, emotional, and physical with program design. I believe complete health is attained by acknowledging the body as a whole, and I bring a holistic approach to my training.  I am a strong believer in networking with professionals in the health and wellness community and I am a HUGE advocate of COMMUNITY! I enjoy being a part of the City of Auburn, it ROCKS! 

I hope to educate, encourage, and support health on all levels to Fit1 members and the Community of Auburn.  Currently, I am working in and with the Placer Unified School District with their educators bringing “HEALTH TALKS” every month, and YOU are all invited to attend these workshops as well!

I love teaching and staying current with the Wellness Industry so that I can provide an up to date, state of the art training for my clients.  It is important to me to know who you are, and your lifestyle, in order to design a program that you will adhere to, that you will love so that you will be successful!   We are all so very different, I am NOT a cookie-cutter trainer, as what works for one person will not work for the other. I try to encourage your individual person to come out and PLAY, and my goal is to mold a practical program that fits who you are. 

I hope you will drop by and take a Pilates Mat class with me on MONDAY mornings at 7:15 am at the Fit1 gym, and/or stop by the Reformer studio and say hi, I would LOVE to meet you!