Tight Band Rotation
Performed by Richard Del Balso CSCS

Target Muscle Group: Lateral Obliques

Set-up: Stand tall, feet shoulder width apart (the closer the feet, the greater the difficulty). The feet point perpendicular to the origin of the cable. Keep nose over the belly button (don’t rotate hips). You can use either one handle or two–I prefer two separate grips, which results in slightly more involvement of the shoulders).

Exercise: Hands at shoulder level, ‘soft’ knees and elbows. Move the cable back and forth at a steady pace between the width of the shoulders (no further), keeping constant tension on the obliques. Exhale during exertion phase–don’t hold your breath. Do 2-4 sets, 15-20 reps. Then repeat on opposite side.

Begin with 10-20 pounds until comfortable with the technique

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