January Instructor of the Month

starAndie Simmons has been teaching fitness classes for over 35 years and only took a break to care for her children. “I have always loved the gals and guys in my classes,” she said. “They have motivated me more than anything.”

When she isn’t leading fitness classes, she’s spending time with her family, especially her two grandsons. She loves interior design, refurbishing old furniture, and taking hikes with her dogs. She spends time at Lake Clementine with family and friends whenever she can, and not just for the early morning and late evening waterskiing (though it doesn’t hurt!). Andie and her husband also enjoy taking trips and day rides, which gives her a chance to ride her Harley Davidson motorcycle.

She has been an instructor at Auburn Fit1 since we opened, and she hasn’t let anything stop her from enjoying herself and keeping fit.

“I used to say I would stop teaching when I turned 50,” she said. “Well, guess what? I’m 55 now. So, maybe 60.”

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