Small Group Training

Welcome June and the first day of summer; June 21, 2017!  With summer comes warmer days, short sleeves and shorts.  What looks good with short sleeves and shorts?  Toned arms and legs! Why not consider working with a personal trainer to get a jump start.  




Fit1 Auburn currently offers Small Group Training

Fit1-C2N-Small-Group2-kt-6-2017-finalTuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:00 a.m.

Small groups are 3-6 individuals, working one-on-one with a certified personal trainer.  This cost effective, result-oriented group is motivating, fun and instills a sense of accountability, all while providing individual attention from a personal trainer.

Please contact the office if you are interested in joining the current group, or if you would like to create your own group at a more convenient time.