RMT Club Mobility Training


Looking for a way to improve your range of motion, mobility and strengthen your overall joint health? If so, consider mobility training, utilizing the RMT Club. The RMT Club will teach the technique and dynamic movements needed to meet those goals.

This month we will be demonstrating the RMT Shoulder to Shoulder Swings.  This particular exercise will help to improve shoulder mobility and range of motion.  Think about your daily activities and how this exercise can enhance, not only the quality of your movement but possibly the quality of the movement in activities you perform.  Improvements in coordination as you throw, a better golf or tennis swing, and a better center of gravity when running or hiking.


To perform the movement, follow these simple guidelines:


  • Wide base with the feet to ensure stability
  • Split grip with the hands on the RMT
  • Supinated on the working side
    Shoulder will be lower
    Hand grip will be higher up on the RMT
  • Pronated on the opposite side
    Shoulder will be higher
    Hand grip will be low on the RMT
  • Keeping the core centered and still, begin rotating with a smooth motion
  • Reaching the end of the range of motion, allow a light tap on the back of the shoulder
  • Once you have mastered the motion, speed may be increased providing a metabolic workout
  • Perform 5-8 repetitions on each side and 3-4 sets