Fit1-June-SM-MOF-Joe-Buettner-web-kt-06.2015-finalMeet Joe Buettner, who became a member of Auburn Fit1 in January of this year. Joe visits the gym 3 days per week for approximately 2.5 hours each visit. He power walks on the treadmill wearing a 40lb weighted vest either before or after attending the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday cycle class. Not only does Joe use the weighted vest on the treadmill, but he does it at an incline, while lunging! Joe also enjoys the Cybex machines as a part of his workout routine.
Joe is an avid hiker and the organizer of a weekly senior hiking group. The hikes are held on Thursdays and average 10+ miles near or around the middle and north forks of the American River. In the warmer months, they often travel to the Sierras to get some cooler weather. In June, Joe is planning to hike the Western States Trail (WST). The WST begins in Tahoe, California, at Squaw Valley and ends 100.2 miles later in Auburn CA. Joe is also planning a hike to the Tahoe Rim Trail in July, where his son and three grandsons will join him. Joe is out on his road bike about three days per week and averages 70 miles per week.
Joe taught high school chemistry. He also owned his own business, a stone restoration business. After retiring in 2009, he and his wife moved to the Auburn area from San Diego. Joe is an assistant Boy Scout Leader.
We are pleased that Joe decided to join the Auburn Fit1 Family!