If you are looking for an effective, low-impact way to get in shape and lose weight, the Cybex Arc trainer may be the machine for you. The Arc burns calories faster than other types of cross trainers because it works your muscles harder. Even though you’re working harder, it feels easier due to its unique design, allowing you to go longer and push further, ensuring that you get more from your workout than you would from a standard elliptical machine.

The Cybex Arc trainer has already helped many people reach their weight loss and fitness goals; just ask the Biggest Losers Neil Tejwani, who was able to rise to the incredible challenge of losing 200 pounds.

    Here are some tips for how you can burn even more calories with the Arc:

  • Set the Arc on the manual setting and input your body weight
  • Work to get your stride up to 140/minute
  • Try pushing and pulling hard with your arms to get the added benefit of an upper body workout
  • Maintain the pushing and pulling method for 20 minutes or more

Using the Arc trainer can help you boost your cardio workouts to maximize your calorie burning and weight loss goals. Stop by Fit1 for more information or to start working towards your fitness goals today!