BOSU® Elite Compression Squat

Performing the basic compression squat on the BOSU® Elite helps to improve the squatting pattern when performed on the floor and when incorporating weight.  The unique material and shape of the BOSU® Elite will provide you with resistance and compression rather than instability like the regular BOSU®.

To Perform a Basic Compression Squat

  • Step on dome. Turn feet out to a 45 degree angle
  • Back as far as you are able toward the power line, move forward if you need to adjust
  • Compress to the center as though you are attempting to provide all your force to crush or pop the dome focusing on the 4th and 5th metatarsal
  • Activate the adductors, glutes and upper hamstrings
  • Lower down only as far as you can maintain the compression
  • Maintain the same angle with the back and the shins
  • Lower slowly with control, pause and return to starting position
  • Perform as many as you can maintain compression (usually about 30-45 seconds)

Following performance of the Basic Compression Squat, you will feel lighter on your feel, feel more confident in performing a basic squat and feel the engagement of the adductors and gluteal muscles