Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat



The rear foot elevated split squat, often referred to as the Bulgarian Split Squat is an excellent exercise for both the anterior and posterior muscles of your legs; quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteal.  This exercise is excellent for athlete, as it requires stability and strength from the lead leg, allowing the rear foot to assist with stability. This exercise is safer for the lower back, compared to the back squats, which can be attractive for those with back concerns.

  • To Begin, place an Airex pad in front of the power system device
  • Standing in front of the Airex pad, reach one leg back behind you and rest the top of the foot (shoelaces) on the bench
  • Exhale to feel the abs and lengthen the hip flexors on the back leg
  • Inhale, descending under control until your back knee lightly touches the pad
  • Ensure that you feel the entire front foot throughout the movement
  • The ideal is to keep the torso and the thigh of the back leg in-line. If you have tight hip flexors, you may need to lean slightly forward
  • Add weight if possible, with dumbbells, kettlebells and etc

Fit 1 would like to thank Randy Millard for demonstrating the exercise this month.  

Randy performs this exercise with pyramid weights working from his lighter to heavier weights..