Fit1-Apr-SM-MOF-0263-web-kt_2016-finalMeet Bob Schellenberg, our member on fire for May, 2016. He and his wife, Alison have been members of Auburn Fit 1 since July of 2013!

Bob tries to exercise two to four days a week, as his schedule allows. He usually visits the gym on weekdays, and then fits in a mountain bike ride on the weekends.

“I do primarily resistance training with weights or just body weight,” said Bob about his fitness routine. “My workouts will have an upper or lower-body focus, but my goal each workout is to hit as many muscles as possible while keeping my heart rate up, basically to burn calories. Even if I can’t make it to the gym, I find other ways to keep moving. I enjoy working in the yard and playing sports with my kids.”

Bob feels that Fit 1 is the ideal gym because it is close to his home and never crowded. “The members here work hard and I often draw inspiration from them to push out another set,” Bob said.

Though Bob says his competitive athletic days are behind him, he considers himself in training for life. In his 20’s, he lifted heavy weights for football, then trained long hours for multi-sport races in his 30’s. Now he trains to maintain fitness and prevent (or rehabilitate) injuries.


Bob is motivated to be a good role model for his kids. He is teaching them that maintaining fitness and eating the right kinds of foods are important habits to nurture a long, healthy life.

Thank you Bob for your continued membership and also for “inspiring” other members as well!