Fit1-May-SM-MOF-Cleve-Fafinski-web-kt-05.2015-finalMeet our member on Fire, Cleve Fafinski.
She is about to celebrate her one-year anniversary at Auburn Fit1. Cleve visits the gym 7 days a week. Her routine varies with the flow of what’s going on. If she is here in time for a class that she enjoys, she will attend a class. Otherwise you may find her using the cardio equipment or lifting weights.

Cleve lives close to Auburn Fit1 and will often ride her bike to the club, attend a cycle class, lift weights. She has been known to leave with March Members on Fire, Becky and Rex, for an outdoor bike ride!

Cleve loves the cycle classes that are offered at Auburn Fit1. She has learned different techniques from Jamie, Pamela, and Robert and applies those skills when riding her bike outdoors. Cleve first began attending cycle class to prepare for a ride around Lake Tahoe with her husband. She not only completed her goal within 2 months of attending classes, but completed her ride around the lake twice!

Cleve selects bike #5 when taking a cycle class. This was the bike of choice for Charlie Place. Charlie was a member of Auburn Fit1 and a former Member on Fire, who lost his battle with cancer in late 2014.

Cleve feels confident when she is working out at Auburn Fit1 and “loves that the members are so friendly it feels like being with family.” This is evident when we see Cleve giving former member on fire, Don Brophy a hug when they are both visiting the facility at the same time!

When Cleve is not outdoors hiking, biking or substitute teaching, she will be visiting us at Auburn Fit 1 and we are thankful for her membership and participation!