Meet Alan Saccheri , Auburn Fit1 Member on Fire!

When Alan Saccheri received an injury to his back 5 years ago it left him broken, and in a world of pain. read more.According to Alan he felt as if he has “lost his life”. Auburn Fit One | Meet Alan Saccheri , Auburn Fit1 Member on Fire!After 5 years of not sleeping through the night, not leaving his house, and suffering with extreme pain, Alan decided it was all or nothing. He wanted off of the pain medication, and wanted to live his life, rather than suffer through it. Alan began intense physical therapy and immediately noticed his sleep patterns change, for the first time in 5 years he had a full night’s sleep. Now, when Allan comes into Fit1 5 days a week, he is bright, happy, and fun to talk to. You would never guess he was ever in pain.. When we asked Alan how the gym has changed his life he said “It saved my life! I have a ton of energy, I walk straighter, I can get in and out of the car easier and without fear of falling over, and I am able to hold my grand-daughter”. Alan’s recovery and success have come from dedication and determination to make a positive change in his life. For that we want to notice Alan as Auburn Fit 1’s member on Fire.