Member of the Month for July 2019

Posted on Jun 26, 2019 in Member Of The Month

Member of the Month for July 2019

Member of the Month for July 2019

Joe Carson

I was drawn to Auburn Fit1 out of convenience and the love of the small gym community. 

I love how all ages are embraced: it gives me hope to establish a baseline for fitness into old age.  As an EMT applying to physician’s assistant school, I recognize the importance of maintaining the fitness of mind and body, for myself and my patients.

I’m in recovery from recent surgery and have more to come so I am learning to just get into the gym and do my best for that day, without too much conceptual overlay of where I “should” be.  

My goals are to bench 225 # five times, squat 300# and dunk a basketball.  Hopefully, I will be able to do all of this by the end of the year! 

Feel free to come and give me a sweaty hug

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