Member of the Month for July 2019

Joe Carson

I was drawn to Auburn Fit1 out of convenience and the love of the small gym community. 

I love how all ages are embraced: it gives me hope to establish a baseline for fitness into old age.  As an EMT applying to physician’s assistant school, I recognize the importance of maintaining the fitness of mind and body, for myself and my patients.

I’m in recovery from recent surgery and have more to come so I am learning to just get into the gym and do my best for that day, without too much conceptual overlay of where I “should” be.  

My goals are to bench 225 # five times, squat 300# and dunk a basketball.  Hopefully, I will be able to do all of this by the end of the year! 

Feel free to come and give me a sweaty hug

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Auburn Fit One | Member of the Month for July 2019