On January 21st of this year, while moving to our new home, I slipped and fell out of a truck and shattered my left knee (splitting both my tibia and fibula). I then spent five days at Auburn Faith having reconstructive surgery. Docs said my leg wouldn’t be able to bear any weight for ten weeks and were not optimistic about me making a full recovery due to the extreme damage. They also informed me that I might need a total replacement and sooner rather than later.

When I was finally released from the hospital and could put partial weight on my leg, I grabbed my walker and hobbled over to Auburn Fit1. After spending all of that time lounging around waiting for my knee to begin to heal, I became soft and atrophied so I met with manager Jamie and explained my situation. She was extremely encouraging so I joined the fitness club the next week. The day I arrived, Jamie helped me get started on the machines and spent time getting me dialed into a workout. This was extremely helpful to me as I had never been a gym member before this experience and as a result, knew nothing about fitness centers. I started off slowly working at a low weight and doing three sets of 15-20 reps on each machine and worked up from there. I spent about 45 minutes to an hour working out and shot for making it to the gym five days a week.

I was soon off the walker and on crutches, then down to a cane and now, I walk unaided! As I’ve gotten stronger, I’ve increased the weights and added a 20-25 minute bike ride. In 2-1/2 to 3 months I’m down 25 pounds and still dropping weight. I don’t really diet, just eat well. My Doc now tells me I should be able to get back to my occupation as a commercial plumber and pipefitter and the hobbies my wife and I used to enjoy such as scuba diving, biking, motorcycle riding and trail hiking!

To wrap it up, after many years of doing the same in-home workout, I am really enjoying the Auburn Fit1 experience. The equipment and staff are great, and the members are respectful and friendly. I am now looking forward to trying some yoga and other classes!