Rosie Maher

Rosie has been a member of Auburn Fit1 for just a little over a year. She joined when her local gym closed, and she wanted to continue her classes with Patti Iorillo. Rosie works out approximately 3-days per week. She enjoys and attends yoga as well as strength technique, core, and balance classes (taught by Patti); both are held on Tuesday and Thursday. Rosie also attends Qigong on Monday and Wednesday and utilizes the Cybex machines. When asked about what she loves about Auburn Fit1, Rosie shared that she enjoys the smaller size of Fit1.

Rosie feels that the classes and machines have allowed her to maintain strength and has also helped her to keep her body moving. This is important for Rosie as she is very involved with her five local granddaughters; taking them to ballet and soccer. When Rosie is not busy with family or working out, she also enjoys walking, gardening and her volunteer work at her granddaughters’ schools and the Auburn library.