Meet Zachary Madrigal, our member on fire for February 2017.

Zach and his father Tony have been members of Auburn Fit 1 since December of 2012!  During high school, Zach played football and baseball and would workout at Fit 1 to keep himself conditioned for his sports.  

Zach is now attending college at American River; studying business and journalism. He also works with his father as an accounting assistant and continues his workouts to keep fit for his hobbies which consist of, but are not limited to, mountain biking, basketball, and snowboarding.

Fit1-EOM_SquatStart-kt-2_2017-finalZach likes coming to the gym as it gives him peace of mind and he enjoys listening to his music while working out.  He also appreciates the close proximity to his home, the affordability, and the ability to workout with his friends.  Zach also enjoys the small environment of Fit 1 and how the members get to know each other.

Fit1-MOF_SquatFinish-kt-2_2017-finalZach visits Fit 1 four to six days per week.  For Zach’s fitness routine, 75% of the time he enjoys heavy lifting, which helps increase strength. The other 25% of the time, Zach does lighter lifting to keep up his flexibility.  Zach’s routines consist of a cross fit style of training; incorporating cardio into the program.  Stretching is also something that is always incorporated into his routine.