Meet our member on fire, Cody Barger.  Cody completed his first Spartan Super event this past November in Sacramento California. What is the Spartan you may ask?  Founded in 2011, the Spartan Race is referred to as one of the Big 3 in obstacle course racing organizations, along with Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash. What makes Spartan Race stand out from the other two is that it’s a chip timed event where winning matters and burpees are king. The Spartan Super is the next step up from the Spartan Sprint. fit1-mof_cody-barger-mud1-kt-1-2017-final The distance ranges from 7.7 miles to 11 miles and consists of 24-29 obstacles.  Too many obstacles to list in our article, but some of the obstacles consisted of barbed wire crawl, fire jump, bucket carry and rolling mud just to mention a few.  Cody completed his event in 2 hours and 55 minutes!

Cody’s training consisted of 5-6 weight lifts per week, focusing on his legs twice per week.  He fit1-mof_cody-barger-mud-kt-1-2017-finalalso did speed training by running 2-3 times per week for approximately 5 miles.   Cody began his training at 196lb and before the event he was 30 pounds leaner at 170!

This is just the beginning for Cody. Completing this event has inspired him to continue on.  Cody plans to complete a double tri-fecta, which consists of 6 events, one being held in Hawaii.

Thank you Cody for selecting Auburn Fit 1 to train for your Spartan events!  Look for a future article in 2017 as we update you on Cody and the completion of his Spartan events.