Laura Morin

Laura and her husband Gary joined the Fit1 family in November of 2016 after another fitness facility shut their doors.  

Laura has gone from a size 16 to a size 6.  Unfortunately it took a life threatening heart condition, caused almost 30 years prior, following a bout with cancer in 1987-1990.  She made a lifestyle change in 2015 after being diagnosed with heart failure. A nurse handed her a brochure regarding sodium intake. Following doctors’ orders and heart surgery to help correct the issue, she now weighs herself daily, stays active and participates in classes at Fit1.

Auburn Fit One | Member on Fire for January 2019

Laura was an Animal Control Officer with the city of Roseville. She retired after an 11-year career.  Staying fit is important to Laura, not only for her health, but also to assist her with her field work rescuing wildlife.  She is often on call and if she gets a call, she will often leave a group exercise class to assist a wild animal.

Thank you Laura and Gary for being members at Auburn Fit1!