Member on Fire Ralph Swensen

Meet Ralph Swensen.  Ralph has been a member of Auburn Fit1 since its opening.  Ralph visits the gym three days a week for his cardio training.  Ralph has been running for forty-one years!  He used to compete in various races but stopped competitive running at the age of 65.  Now he runs 5 miles on the treadmill and then rides the Schwinn bike for another 5 miles. Ralph mentioned that he also gets a great workout when working around his home.  

Ralph and his wife moved to the Auburn area in 1989.  He enjoys the close proximity of Fit1 to his home. Ralph also shared that Jamie, who is the manager of Auburn Fit1, “is very nice.”  When Ralph is not working out, he enjoys working in the yard or sitting on his back deck to view the “Garden of Eden” that he and his wife have created.

Thank you, Ralph, for being a member of Auburn Fit1 for the past five years!