Daniel Brown and Julian Bishop

This month’s members on fire at Auburn Fit1 are Daniel Brown and Julian Bishop. Daniel became a member of Auburn Fit1 in January of 2014. He joined a month after a motorcycle accident which left him with a broken hip, arm and ankle.  Daniel was very active “outdoors” so entering a gym was new to him, but necessary for rehabilitation.  Knowing Daniel today, you would never know he had such extensive injuries!

Daniel works out at Fit1, approximately 6 days per week. He utilizes most of the equipment to maintain and gain strength.  Two weeks ago, Daniel added his son, Julian to his membership.  Julian and Daniel have been at the gym every day since Julian began; providing some great father and son quality time.  

Daniel is also an asset to Fit1. He provides us with maintenance support and even has Julian assisting him with changing our light bulbs. We welcome Julian to Fit1 and are thankful for Daniel’s membership for the past 4 years.