Larry joined the Auburn Fit1 family in March of this year. He recently retired and was looking for a fitness facility. We are so pleased to have Larry as a member. You would think he has been here since our opening!

Larry tries to work out five days a week – rarely, does he find the time to do more, and often he gets side-tracked and will do less, but he always aims for five! Larry mixes cardio and weights most days, but tries to have at least one day of pure cardio, which helps him with his backpacking (carrying 35 pounds on his back for 10 or more miles a day).

Larry shared that “staying healthy is job # 1 and avoiding injuries is job #2.” He also shared that “Fit1 is like family – with Jamie at the helm making sure we are all being taken good care of, it’s the best place I can imagine!” Larry also stated that at Auburn Fit1 “members are nice and great about sharing equipment.”

Larry is presently working five jobs even though he is retired!  He is a CA Notary Public, math tutor, substitute teacher, handyman (plumbing to electrical, and more) and chairs the local section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. When speaking with Fit1, Larry joked and said “maybe I should go back to my old, full time job to get some rest!”

Larry has been very valuable to Auburn Fit1. He is continuously offering to assist us with odds and ends. His support is so greatly appreciated. He has helped with internet issues, created a cabinet door for our back office, took care of the wire management (with all the new wires that we received when Wave Communications installed the television converters) and most recently, repaired the wall behind our shelf in the back weight room.