Fit1-June-SM-MOF-SteveYoung-web-kt_2016-finalSteve Young is our Member on Fire for the month of June. Steve re-joined Auburn Fit 1 in January of this year to continue his personal training with Dee Cranston.

He began training with Dee to prepare for hip replacement. Training with Dee allowed Steve to return to normal activities within three weeks of his surgery, a success that encouraged Steve to continue twice-weekly training sessions with Dee.

Dee continually modifies the sessions based on Steve’s interests, and targets various aches and age-related limitations. Dee also incorporates a mixture of flexibility, strength, and endurance training, meeting Steve’s goals of keeping his body and mind working!

Steve is an Auburn resident, and lives within walking distance of Fit 1. He is married with four children and 10 grandchildren. He is interested in golf, volunteering, travel, and sailing.

Thank you for sharing your story, Steve!